9th October 2023 – October news

It’s been a while since we last wrote, so here is the latest news from here in Nakuru. We had a wonderful trip to the UK and caught up with lots of supporters and sponsors, a number of friends. We also visited, and gave talks in, several churches. New friends were made and precious time spent with our son. Then all too quickly the trip was over.

News from Nakuru

As always, it has been a tremendously busy since our reutrn to Kenya and we seem to have hit a time of various health issues in both houses. In August we had an outbreak of a mysterious virus in Alps house. Which led to most of the little ones, and the bigger little ones, having a terrible rash, and fever followed by skin shedding. The hospital said it was a ‘new virus’ !. Following that, hot on the heels of the mystery virus, came chicken pox in the Alps house. Every single baby and child caught it, ashwell as a number of the Mums. It’s safe to say that alot of paracetamol and calamine lotion was brought.

Just before we left for the UK, most of the Tindal family came to spend a week with us at The Beehive. As usual they spent time with the girls, doing craft activities and playing games, along with some bible teaching. We all had a wonderful time together.

Hello’s and goodbyes…

In June, three year old P* left us. Her mummy had left some time back in a complicated situation, having turned 22. It has taken a very long time to finally reintegrate Phoebe with her. We were so thankful to finally be able to do this though, and all is going well.

In July we had C* brought to us. She had been chased away from home by her mother and was later found to be pregnant. Sadly, a few weeks after coming to us, she miscarried the baby.

She recuperated really well though, and after some conversations were held with her mother , she was able to reintergrate back home.

During that time Yaffa, our beautiful Beehive dog, was really sick. She had suffered more than 20 seizures in 24 hours in May. Although she initially seemed to recover from this, it became apparent that she was very unwell. Having worsened significantly we made the heartbreaking decision, along with the vet, that she needed to be put to rest. It left us all so sad, and she is missed hugely.

In August we said goodbye to a staff member and her little boy. A new member has joined our team and is settling in really well.

We also welcomed our first volunteer from overseas since the Covid pandemic started. She is also from Suffolk, and has come to us for two weeks as part of a months visit to Kenya. She stayed at the Alps house, helping with the little ones, and the bigger little ones when they were home from school. Everyone loved her and this seemed to be reciprocated.

Other news !

Back in June, little E* was admitted to hospital where he was found to have septicaemia. He stayed in for 8 days with his mummy. She was so delighted when they were finally allowed to come home.

N*, 16 months underwent an adenoidectomy and had to stay in hospital for two nights. A staff memeber stayed with her the whole time as her mum ran away earlier in the year. She is making a good recovery.

Then we had a new baby ! Just under six and a half pounds (2.9kg) of God’s grace in one precious girl.

Last but not least, came the good news that after almost a year of waiting, the buildings and site plan were finally approved last week. This leads us to our next step of waiting for environmental approvals. We pray for the day that we can finally start building!

As always, we thank you for your support and kidness through our journey of change. If you feel able to please check out our donations page, or catch up on our latest updates and news from Nakuru on our blogs page.