*Ruth came to us after personal circumstances found her abandoned by her family, and later raped while living with her sister.

*Ruth is very intelligent: she particularly loves reading and speaks excellent English as well as Swahili, and hopes to train as a doctor in the future. Arguably the biggest challenge *Ruth faces on a daily basis is her hearing impairment. *Ruth is almost completely deaf, and gets most of her understanding from lip reading people’s faces, although she now has hearing aids which make a huge difference to her.

In spite of this, *Ruth is a brilliant mum to baby *Ben, born in February 2016. *Ruth is always talking and singing to him, and loves that they are part of the family at the Beehive.

In 2017 *Ruth had an amazing opportunity offered to her: a 4 year scholarship for high school. And so she boards (a very normal occurrence in Africa, as it provides a much higher level of safety and it combats the very long distances that pupils walk to school) and little *Ben lives with us at The Beehive, and is absolutely thriving.


*Martha grew up in extreme poverty: when she fell pregnant, her mother’s disabilities and responsibility for other siblings sadly meant that the family couldn’t stay together.

*Martha is somewhat introverted: quiet, reflective, but always smiling. She loves rug-making, playing with the Beehive babies, and is always helping staff and other girls with their kitchen and washing duties. .

*Martha is mum to  baby *Daniel, born October 2016. She is an excellent mum, very attentive to *Daniel’s needs and she hopes to be able to support him a very different way to the support she received growing up.

*Martha also got the opportunity to return to school in 2017, thanks to the sponsorship of a large local organisation in Nakuru. She also boards, like *Ruth, and again, little *Daniel stays at home at The Beehive. *Daniel is growing into such a sunny little character; cheeky, fun with a big personality.


*Rachel is our “sunshine” mummy – very often the happiest girl you could meet. She has parents, but is unable to return to them for cultural reasons, having been rescued at just 10 years old from child marriage. She then became pregnant whilst in a previous care institution, and was subsequently moved to the Beehive. *Rachel is mummy to *Nathan, who was born in April 2016.

The culture *Rachel comes from means that she and baby *Nathan would be in sincere danger if they were to return home. She does, however, hope to return home in the future in order to support her family. *Rachel would love to become a social worker when she has finished with her studying.

*Rachel is a very inquisitive, warm young woman. She is probably the most English-literate of all the girls. Full of life and always smiling,  Meanwhile, *Nathan is a very happy, healthy, loving, and cute little chap! He loves books, and ride-on trucks and trikes!

In 2017 *Rachel returned to school, and she is doing incredibly well. Her grades and her performance are improving all the time, and she is loving being back in education.


*Lucy came to The Beehive when she was just 15, with baby *Blessed. *Lucy is a total orphan, and circumstances led her to live in different children’s homes from the age of 4. She became pregnant in her last home when very young, and came to join The Beehive in October 2014  when *Blessed was 5 months old. Having turned 18, *Lucy was given the opportunity to undertake a trainee cooking and hospitality position at a nearby lodge. So *Blessed stays at home, and *Lucy comes to see her when she has her time off work. Our long term aim is for *Blessed to be able to live with *Lucy, when circumstances allow.

*Lucy is a very helpful and capable girl: bright, and inquisitive. Despite her own lack of family upbringing and care, she has been an excellent mummy to *Blessed, who is the oldest baby at The Beehive. *Blessed is one of our quieter little ones. However, she brings much laughter to the house, and loves to make people giggle.She is a great chatterbox, and loves to know that she is looking pretty! This year *Blessed joined school, in nursery year 1, and just loves it!


*Katherine was the first girl to join us at The Beehive, in October 2014. She came to us from a background of immense sadness and trauma very soon after gave birth to a tiny baby girl, *Alice.

*Katherine is a total orphan, and grew up with other family members, where she became mistreated and abused to a great extent. *Katherine has two sides: she is a quiet, reserved girl, but she is also the loudest girl in the house at times. She loves her new family very much, having never experienced true family before, and she loves her home. *Katherine’s studying was very delayed due to her circumstances, and so, given the trauma and given her age, she made the decision not to continue with her education, and instead spent sometime being  invaluable in assisting with the babies and cooking. At the end of 2017 *Katherine got the opportunity to move to residential sewing school for a year long programme. She is absolutely loved it and is thrived really well there, coming home every weekend to see her little girl *Alice, and her Beehive family. *Katherine graduated from this sewing school and is currently undertaking another year’s sewing training at a new school, where she is doing really well.

*Alice was the first baby born to us at The Beehive. She has a big character, and is the cheekiest and is perhaps the liveliest of our babies. She loves to sing, and to play with Megablox, as well as drawing and playing with her best friend *Blessed. Along with *Blessed, *Alice also joined nursery school this year. She is doing incredibly well, and loves writing and adding!


*Mary is our youngest girl to have become a mummy, and is mummy to baby *Joshua, who was born in December 2016. Rejected by her parents, she was sent to live with family members, wherein she became the subject of abuse and little *Joshua was born at the end of 2016. *Mary is a very intelligent, confident, bold and capable girl, always willing to help. In January 2018 she returned to school and is already performing at number 1 & 2 position in her class.

*Joshua is the happiest and most smiley of children. His mummy is very attentive to him, and despite her age, she does a wonderful job of being a mummy. *Joshua is very inquisitive, and loves the ride-on trucks, and board puzzles.


*Hannah joined us in February 2017  having just turned 14 years. *Hannah is a single orphan, meaning that she has one parent who is alive: her father. The family live in extreme poverty and so *Hannah was sent to live with other family members when she was young. At the age of just 10 years, one of these family members began to abuse her severely, and very sadly *Hannah became pregnant when she was still 13.
In May 2017 *Hannah gave birth to a beautiful little girl, *Tabatha, and she is a wonderful mummy to her. *Tabatha is the “tom boy” of the house: following on fro 4 little boys means that she has to fight for her corner!

*Hannah is also very intelligent, and was doing very well at school, and was in a school year ahead for her age. *Hannah was so excited at the prospect of returning to school at the beginning of 2018, where she is doing really well. She has proved to be something of an athlete, and was selected to represent her school in an inter-county running competition. She is a loving, friendly and gentle-natured girl, who loves everyone.


*Julie joined The Beehive family towards the end of 2017, age 15. Like her new sisters, her story is a sad one: an orphan who was separated from her many siblings, and who found herself living with a  guardian and his family, the son of whom had unkind intentions towards *Julie. Baby *Jack was born in April 2018, and despite not being the little girl that *Julie hoped for, he is the apple of his mummy’s eye!
*Julie is a quiet girl, who struggles at times in different situations, but she has settled into her new life in her new family at The Beehive. *Julie returned to school in January 2019 where she hopes to succeed. She is an intelligent girl, with a great gift for art,and loves to read fiction books.


*Judy arrived at The Beehive on her 15th birthday, in early 2018. She is a very quiet girl who comes from a background of extreme poverty. She grew up with a disabled father, and a number of siblings from different mothers. *Judy and her family lived in a very poor community, and she was raped in 2017 by a local man. Baby *Theo was born at the end of 2017, at a very low birth weight, and after a series of horrendous events, *Judy and *Theo came to live at The Beehive.

*Judy also returned to school in January 2019. She is a hard-working girl who loves her family, and loves her baby. She absolutely adores animals, she loves to sing and to write her own songs. *Theo is a very happy and content baby. He loves toys, and despite his tiny size due to such a low birth weight, he is doing really well in his development markers.


*Tilly joined us in early 2018, a solemn very young girl who did not want to mix well with the other girls. But that has changed, and she is now the clown of the house, always the one with laughter on her lips. She is quietly confident, and she too returned to school in January 2018. She also loves animals, and playing with the toddlers. *Tilly was raped by a man in her community, and baby *Katy was born in May 2018. *Tilly adores *Katy, particularly as she has a number of younger siblings that she helped to raise. And *Katy is another little one in The Beehive with a huge personality.


*Joanna, 16, was abused by a family member, and so she came to The Beehive in March 2018. She is a confident and chatty girl, who loves drama and dancing. She has a warm and loving personality, and loves living at The Beehive.

*Joanna gave birth to baby *Esther in August 2018, and hopes to return to education this year. *Esther has had a tough first year with a lot of ongoing illness and two periods of hospital admission, but things are looking much better for her as she heads towards her first birthday. *Joanna & *Esther find their way into everyone’s hearts.


*Sarah came to The Beehive in May 2018. She had escaped from a difficult situation and so was brought to us for care and protection whilst her circumstances are investigated. She is serious, yet fun-loving girl, who has settled in well to our growing family.
In July 2018 *Sarah delivered her daughter, *Jessica, and she is proving to be a great mummy, who loves her little girl so much. *Jessica is doing so well, and is a strong and determined little girl. In May 2019 *Sarah joined a 2 year Hairdressing & Beauty training course and she absolutely loves it.


*Lydia,15, came to The Beehive in mid-2018. She comes from a background of intense poverty, and had been abused by a family member. *Lydia is a very quiet young girl whose smile lights up her face. She has settled in well with her new family. At the end of September *Lydia gave birth due to a beautiful little girl, *Molly.

*Lydia is very attentive to her baby, and rarely leaves her side. In her own family, she helped with the birth of 3 siblings, 2 of which didn’t survive, and so she is understandably very watchful of little *Molly. In May 2019 *Lydia want back to school: to sewing school, because we discovered that she has a wonderful raw talent with fabric and threads! She is greatly enjoying it, despite missing her daughter while she is out of the house.


*Lina arrived with us in mid-2018. At the time the government had brought a new law into place that stated that if a minor became pregnant and the parent/s did not report the pregnancy to the police, then the parent/s would be arrested and a court case would ensue. *Lina was in a relationship at the time, and unfortunately she did become pregnant. Her parents did not know about the new law and so when the pregnancy came to light they were arrested and a court case is ongoing. They were placed in police cells and so *Lina was vulnerable and in need of care & protection, and has been at The Beehive ever since. In April *Lina delivered a gorgeous baby boy after a long and difficult labour. He is the first baby boy to be born at The Beehive in a year, and comes after 5 baby girls, and so he is very treasured and adored.


*Josie came to The Beehive towards the end of 2018. She comes from a home where poverty abounds and she was abused by a man in her neighbourhood. *Josie is a young girl who finds it hard to get the attention she craves, and often sets about this in the wrong way. However, her loving and warm heart, her beautiful smile and her desire to be wanted means that she is much loved in The Beehive. In April 2019 she delivered a beautiful baby girl, who is thriving really well, and *Josie is proving to be a great young mummy.


At the beginning of 2019 16 year old *Grace joined the ever-growing Beehive family. Like so many others, she had been wooed by an older man in return for food and other essentials due to the poverty within in her own family. And so in February, after a very short labour little *Annie was born. *Grace and little *Annie will stay with us until the court case is over, and then return home to family.


Sometimes a young girl will do what they need to in order to be able to attend school. *Beth is one such girl. She lived with her mum, and due to their poverty *Beth began to sell herself in order to be able to pay her school fees. She is a gently, loving and kind girl, and it is heartbreaking that such young girl would ever need to do this.
In early June she gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy, and we hope that later in the year she will return to school with the assistance of an education sponsorship through The Beehive.