Here we have some real stories from the young girls we have supported, so that you may see the importance of our work in Nakuru. Names have been changed for anonymity reasons so the girls are as safe as possible. We have regular updates on some of the girls and the work we do on our blogs page.


*Rachel does have parents, but is unable to return to them for cultural reasons. She was rescued at just 10 years old from child marriage and then became pregnant whilst in a previous care institution. After this, she was subsequently moved to the Beehive. *Rachel is mummy to *Nathan, who was born in April 2016.

The culture *Rachel comes from means that she and baby *Nathan would be in sincere danger if they were to return home. She does, however, hope to return home in the future in order to support her family. *Rachel would love to become a social worker or an advocate for girls like herself when she has finished with her studying.

*Rachel is a very inquisitive, warm young woman. She is probably the most English-literate of all the girls. Full of life and always smiling. 

In 2017 *Rachel returned to school and she is in now in form 3 of high school. Her little boy joined nursery school in July 2021, and he loves going to school each day.


*Katherine was the first girl to join us at The Beehive, in October 2014. She came to us from a background of immense sadness and trauma. Very soon after gave birth to a tiny baby girl, *Alice.

*Katherine is a total orphan. She grew up with other family members, where she became mistreated and abused to a great extent. Given her trauma and her age, with *Katherine we made made the decision not to continue with her education. Instead, we spent sometime being  invaluable in assisting with the babies and cooking. *Katherine began two years of sewing school, which was interrupted by COVID restrictions. She graduated in February 2021. She has been busy making a whole array of sewn goods, for fundraising purposes. Very recently she has become an employee of The Beehive, in the role of house-help, for which she is so delighted.

*Alice was the first baby born to us at The Beehive, in October 2014. She is such a delight, and lights up the whole room. She is in class 1 at primary school, and she loves school so much.


*Hannah joined us in February 2017  having just turned 14 years old. *Hannah is a single orphan, meaning that she has one parent who is alive: her father. The family live in extreme poverty, so *Hannah was sent to live with other family members when she was young. At the age of just 10 years, one of these family members began to abuse her severely. Very sadly, *Hannah became pregnant when she was still 13.
In May 2017 *Hannah gave birth to a beautiful little girl, *Tabatha. She is a wonderful mummy to her. *Tabatha is the “tom boy” of the house! She is now is in her first year of nursery school.

*Hannah is also very intelligent, and was doing very well at school, and was in a school year ahead for her age. Having returned to school in 2018, *Hannah finishes High School this year. She is hoping to go onto higher education. She is a loving, friendly and gentle-natured girl, who loves everyone, and she will do well in life.


*Sarah came to The Beehive in May 2018. She was escaping a difficult situation and was came to us for care and protection whilst her circumstances were investigated. She is serious, yet fun-loving girl, who has settled in well to our growing family.
In July 2018 *Sarah delivered her daughter, *Jessica, and she is proving to be a great mummy, who loves her little girl so much. *Jessica is doing so well, and is a strong and determined little girl. In May 2019 *Sarah began a 2 year Hairdressing & Beauty training course and she absolutely loved it. She is now in part time employment, and with our help, she should be moving out in the near future with her little girl, whilst remaining under our umbrella.


Sometimes a young girl will do what they need to in order to be able to attend school. *Beth is one such girl. She lived with her mum, but due to their poverty *Beth began to sell herself in order to be able to pay her school fees. *Beth comes from story of intense abuse, but she remains a gentle, loving and kind girl, and it is heartbreaking that such young girl would ever need to do this.
Since, she has had a gorgeous baby boy, and has just finished at baking school. She will be staying with us for the foreseeable future as we plan her ‘what next’.


*Amanda came to us at just 12 years of age. She was rejected by her father and his new wife, and was living with an aunt and uncle. The uncle began to abuse her and she became pregnant. As a result, early in 2021 *Amanda joined our Beehive family. And in April *Amanda gave birth to a tiny premature baby girl, Abigael Joy, after a series of pre-natal infections and illnesses. It was devastating that Abigael Joy went to be with Jesus, at just 8 days old. *Amanda remains in our care, as she can’t return home. *Amanda is a serious and focused young girl. Now she is back at school, and doing really well.


*Fiona also joined our family at the age of just 12 in 2021. After she was raped by an intruder in her step-mother’s home. *Fiona is one of life’s do-ers and loves to play with our babies and little ones. In August she delivered a beautiful baby girl, *Corrie, who really is the apple of her mummy’s eye. *Fiona is hoping to return to school this year, and is very excited about this. Baby *Corrie is a mini *Fiona, and is such a happy and contented little girl.