The Beehive Children’s Foundation (Africa) is a not-for-profit company registered in England and Wales. We achieve our aims by working in close partnership with The Beehive Trust, a charitable trust registered in Kenya (number 1845). We do this by funding it to provide and run the Beehive refuge homes. For the care of its children and to raise awareness of child abuse in Kenya.

Young girls, sometimes just as young as ten years old, fall pregnant and find themselves facing desperate and life-threatening choices as a result of sexual abuse: isolation, homelessness, prostitution and abortion. Sadly this is the reality for many in Kenya.

At The Beehive, we are taking action to transform the lives of some of the most at-risk young mums and their babies. We aim to fill the gap in society and be a safety net for as many girls as possible. Based in the town of Nakuru, The Beehive is a home which provides vital care, support and shelter. We are a place of safety for them to come when they are in their time of most need.

Additionally, the girls receive education. This is either academic or vocational depending upon their individual ability or interest. As well as learning essential life skills required by both the traditions of their culture and the demands of an increasingly-developing third world nation. We do this to enable the girls to be able to make a life for themselves. So that when they are able to, they can support themselves and their young ones.

The babies also receive education once they reach an appropriate age. In the meantime we make sure they are able to grow and progress in a loving, caring and stable environment.

Jane and Allan are the pioneers of our mission. You can read about who we are on our meet the team page