10th June 2024 – New news from Nakuru

This year seems to be going by so quickly. It was only ‘last week’ that the girls returned to school at the start of the new school in January, and already we are almost halfway through the school year! There is much news to share since our last update.

Alan and I returned from a visit to the UK almost a month ago, and during that time there was a lot going on back here at The Beehive. And it has continued that way since we returned. Just before we left one of our girls gave birth to a little girl, after three days in labour. We were delighted to be able to meet her before we left for the UK.

News on the girls

Since we last wrote (and whilst we were in the UK) we have taken in four new girls. 15 year old N*, who gave birth just as we arrived back in Kenya.

And 13 year old G*, who’s baby is due at the end of July. She is a tiny girl who became pregnant due to the long term abuse by her stepfather (since the age of 6). She took some time to come to terms with the news that she is expecting her own baby, whilst being very much a child herself.

We also welcomed 16 year old N* and her 19 month old daughter. They had been staying in a rescue centre in the western region of Kenya once it came to light that it was her own father who is also the father to her daughter. They are both settling really well, and N* wil hopefully join a vocational course in the coming weeks.

Lastly, we welcomed R* and her new born daughter. While we were in the UK, Kenya suffered devastating floods which took hundereds of lives and led to many thousands of people to lose their homes. R’s* family were one such family. She and her baby girl are with us for the foreseeable future while their family resettle.

Fun days and visits

The girls had a 2 week school holiday just after Easter which was extended by a further two weeks due to the huge instability of roads after the terrible floods. During this time they followed an afternoon activity programme, including some talks by our own staff and also a visiting supporter. They also greatly enjoyed a swimming trip followed by sausages and chips! Because they are rather a lot in number they went in two groups, but they had a wonderful time.

Another day they enjoyed a ‘fun day’ with team games, acting and dancing competitions and a ‘catwalk’. We certainly have some natural catwalk models among our family.

H* (and her daughter) visited her dad for the first time in a very long time, followed by a three day stay back at home. D* also visited home for a few days with her little one. Their visit did not go so well due to family’s living arrangements and the breakdown of her relationship with her mother (her father is the father of her little boy). And so she will not be able to return home but instead we will make alternative arrangements when the time comes. A couple of the other girls also made home visits for the day. These are always a special time for everyone involved.

And of course, the girls continue to meet every week in our Beehive Church. To enjoy a special Bible study evening on Tuesday evenings and worship nigh on Friday evening. While we were in the UK we explained to a number of people that we take girls of any faith or no faith. Whilst they are with us, many of the girls come to know the love of Christ. Many of them make their own decision to follow him.

In other news

The sewing school girls are doing really well, and are now half way through their course. E* has finished the training part of her hairdressing programme and is now on a three month apprenticeship.

Back in February, F* and her little girl left us having been reintegrated back with her older brother and family. Last week we recieved the tragic news that her little girl, just turned four, had passed away after a very short illness. Yet again we are reminded of just how precious life is and how vulnerable children here are. We were absolutely heartbroken to hear about her. And for her mother. She had come to us as a very small 15 year old. A Maasai girl who was astonished by our home. By our ways of doing things and all that was ‘town’. She was in fact our first mummy at the beginning of covid. Our prayers are with her: we know that Annie is safely in the arms of jesus now, and safe out of harms way. Rest in peace sweet Annie.

And lastly, Alan and I had a wonderful time in the UK. We enjoyed a few days with friends and family in Alderburgh. We stayed at our friend’s granny flat again in Southwold. Also, we greatly enjoyed visiting Alan’s sisters who we havent seen for a couple of years. We stayed with good friends and supporters in Crowborough, and new dear friends in Bognor Regis. We also stayed with our lovely friends at both the beginning and end of our trip near Bury St Edmunds. Alan and I visited and spoke at a number of churches and several group events, and also caught up with lots of lovely friends and wonderful Beehive supporters along the way.

can you help
Can you help ?

The Board is looking to recruit a part-time volunteer (anticipated 3-7 hours a week) Chief Fundraising Director. This is an exciting opportunity for someone to join our wonderful Board of Trustees.

The basic outline of this role would be to manage the growth of our grant revenue and to oversee a team of grant-makers, along with some other associated tasks. If this is something that may interest you, or someone you know, please do get in touch.