New Baby News!

Our beautiful *Joanna gave birth to a gorgeous little girl on Tuesday evening after a brave labour, and an awful delivery. Watching little girl trying to be birthed was so agonising, as she was clearly stuck and not coming out any time soon! Much cutting and tugging and pulling later, our new baby was finally born. Poor *Joanna was totally exhausted, but she was so brave. We couldn’t help but think that if she had not come to The Beehive, and not been taken to a hospital to deliver, then certainly the baby would not have survived, and most likely *Joanna also would not have survived. It was very emotional.

So *Joanna’s baby makes baby number 14 at The Beehive: we are so proud of all our young mummies, for their courage, and the way in which they embrace motherhood at such a young age.WhatsApp Image 2018-08-30 at 12.16.35