Thank you so much for choosing to support The Beehive Children’s Foundation! As the Beehive receives no government funding and relies 100% on donations, every donation is valued by us and we thank you for the compassion shown in supporting our work.

If you are a UK tax payer we may be able to reclaim an additional 25% from HMRC on your donation; if you are able to and if you have not done so already the form is available online at 

The Beehive is run as a family home, providing Christian love and care within 3 rented houses to around 25 girls and their babies. Each girl is provided with support and parental training throughout their pregnancy and after their child is born. In a country with no social welfare system The Beehive also provides healthcare, counselling, education and vocational training as well as addressing their spiritual needs, so that the girls are transformed into independent, confident adults.

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Thank you once again, we are very grateful for your gift.